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I will work for you.  It has always seemed crazy to me that our public officials forget who they work for. 

When you elect me, I will return your emails in 24 hours.  I will return your phone calls within 48 hours.  

I am your public representative!

Your Voice in our State Government


Public Safety.  Rob believes it is everyone’s right to be safe.  This means when someone commits a crime (Breaks a law) they should be punished.  If you do not like a law, work to get it changed.  Please speak your opinion, but don’t break a law or make people unsafe by speaking your opinion.  Teach gun safety to everyone.  If you know how to handle a gun safely you will have fewer accidents.

Transportation.  We have already paid for our highways once.  There is no reason to put a toll on the highways we have already paid for.  We need to expand our highways to reduce the congestion and help the environment. Not toll our highways to try to get people to use public transportation or side roads to not pay a toll.  One of my first bills when elected, will be to reduce the gas tax until we have a plan in place to expand our highways.

Environment. Change our state forestry policies for wildfires.  If we cut and replant the forest owned by the state and federal government, we can help the environment with not have the forest fires like we have had the last couple of years.  This will also bring funds to help the counties and Oregon school districts. 

Community Service. Rob has been involved in his church leadership for many years.  He has helped with feeding the homeless to live nativity programs, to being on the public safety committee for the City of Milwaukie.


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